Adrian at arcadia

Arcadia Horticultural Services Limited is managed by Adrian Cole,
a professional garden stylist who will work with you to help get the most
from your outdoor space, whatever its shape or size.


Whether it's a new build plot that has been laid to lawn requiring planning,
or an established garden needing careful management, Adrian can assess
your needs and provide an attentive, friendly service offering high-quality
care and maintenance solutions. 

Adrian Cole
Horticultural stylist



​One of my memories as a child was of kicking a football in my mum's garden and knocking all the petals off of her small magnolia tree. Needless to say, she wasn't all that impressed as it was the first year it had blossomed properly. But she forgave me, and I think it was her love of plants that certainly led me down my particular horticultural path. So in 2014, when I decided to start training to turn a passion into a new professional career, the idea for my own business was formed.

I'm very proud of my Royal Horticultural Society qualifications – not having done exams for many years I was a bit surprised to discover that all those nerves from GCSEs and A Levels were still there! But I got through them all and now hold a full RHS Diploma in the Principles and Practices of Horticulture.
I studied at Shuttleworth College, Old Warden Park under Mr Paul Labous and also at Capel Manor College (Regent's Park) under Mr David Francis. It's just great to be immersed in such a friendly, knowledgeable and creative environment, with so many plant obsessed people! And since then I've helped out on gardens at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show with designers like Ann-Marie Powell and Holly Fleming, and hope that if I keep working hard perhaps one day I'll be there myself! I'm also studying at the KLC School of Design in London at the moment, so in the next 12–18 months I'll be rolling out more garden design and plan-drawing options with Arcadia.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Adrian Cole, BA (Hons), ACIHort

Associate of the